Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips and Tricks For Dressing

As if getting dressed in the morning wasn't enough for a challenge, when you're really tall or really small, hunting for clothes that FIT and look COOL can be tricky!  So, for petite girls out there, this is for you! And for me! And for US! Finally. 

For petite girls :
  • Think twice about floaty frock.
Boyfriend cuts can look great on petite gals, but be careful when going for the baggy shifts and pouffy skirts with loads of excess volume as it can end up swamping your frame and make you look smaller than you are. That said, if you do like a bit of volume in your clothes, make sure it's got a tailored fit at the waist and shoulders to give you a bit of definition.

  • The high-waist is your new best friend.
Not many people are lucky enough to be able to pull-off high-waisted trousers and skirts, but they look fabulous on all you petite girls so definitely don't be afraid to rock the look. Tucking in your tops and highlighting the waist it creates with a belt can also be a nifty tricks for elongating your legs too!

  • Less is more.
Avoid fuss and clutter when it comes to pockets, pleats and ruffles as all it will do is distract from the smooth line of your clothes, which is the thing that'll elongate you.

  • Go pale.
I have no idea why this is, but pale denim is a wonder fabric and makes you look taller. Try it and see!

  • Shop petite.
In exactly the same way tall girls should check out the tall section, if you're under 5'3" then the petite section is about to become your new home. Alternatively, if you're handy with a needle and thread and like a challenge, don't be afraid to play with hemlines and lengths yourself to put things back in perspective.

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